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About BioMedicine International AG 

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Imagine a health system where everybody with a health problem is examined in a holistic process. Where not only are symptoms treated, no, also the root causes are sought. Where the patient is in the center and is invited to assist with the treatment and thus aiming to regain his/her health or to remain healthy.

In order to move a step nearer to this ideal goal, we need health experts and an informed society. So we decided to found the company BioMedicine International AG to support Biological Medicine and to make a sustainable contribution for the future.


Would you like to dive into the world of Biological Medicine, too?

We wish, therefore, to give you the appropriate tools via our further education program, individual consultation service and access to our specially chosen products. So that you are able to optimally support and improve the health of your patients and yourself.


All educational content, consultation programs as well as our specially manufactured products are developed in a team that includes successful doctors in the field of Biological Medicine.

biomed-int : Services

Knowledge transfer 

The BioMedicine International AG offers you, as a health expert or as someone with a significant interest in the topic, a specially developed educational program for Biological Medicine. You can make a start with the basic courses and continue up to and including the in-depth courses. We offer various seminars, courses and presentations for private individuals and also complete continuing educational programs for health experts.



Are you convinced by the treatment possibilities of Biological Medicine and would you like to integrate them into your practice? You will find in us a competent partner offering individual consultation bringing you and your practice to the latest standard in Biological Medicine.


"aktive-ingredient" products

BioMedicine International AG develops and sells food supplements used successfully in Biological Medicine treatments. The products are tested by our doctors to ensure the benefit for those taking the supplements, for example the absorption into the body and the effectiveness. The result is an offered range of high-quality, effective products. All products are developed and produced together with strictly selected and qualified partners.

BioMedicine International – for everybody willing to get to the root cause of things


A history that goes back 30 years

Dr. med. Thomas Rau - doctor and entrepreneur

The founding of the company BioMedicine International AG is the result of a very long development process. 

Dr. Rau, in his heart, is still very much a doctor and there for his patients; though additionally he has formed and built up a number of institutes with the central theme being Biological Medicine. Over time it has become increasingly important that this growing knowledge and expertise is widely disseminated. Colleagues and partners who understand the benefits and the importance of Biological Medicine turn to Dr. Rau to learn this art and build up the skills. Through his longstanding teaching activities in seminars and presentations, Dr. Rau has become more and more involved in the international scene in this field.

The academic teaching has so widely developed that further education programs were built up and have been held regularly for a number of years. These programs, still very much tied to Dr. Rau in person, should therefore be expanded to include teaching by other experts.

The aim of BioMedicine International AG is to establish a wide, high worth offering that is not tied to a person but becomes an international movement. The expertise of Dr. Rau shall be transferred by qualified colleagues, via BioMedicine International AG, to other experts in order to enable the building of a network.