Training series


The training series includes compulsory courses, basic courses, and in-depth courses and is concluded with an oral examination to get the certificate as a qualified partner. By arrangement online or in person. The individual courses are each concluded with a short knowledge check using the multiple-choice method. The courses are held on weekends, Fridays and Saturdays. To prepare for the training additional literature, videos might be provided if necessary. 


The training series of BioMedicine International AG ends in a certificate for Biological Medicine and you will be listed as a certified partner on our platforms. During the courses you also have the opportunity to do an internship in the Sonnenberg Biomedical Health Center.



The content for the training series has been compiled from the BioMedicine International training courses. Information on the individual courses, such as dates and registration can be found under All courses. You are free to choose the order in which you would like to complete the series. There is no time limit in which the training series must be completed and the courses will be offered repeatedly. 

For questions about the training series, please contact us directly at


Phone: +41 71 333 34 20