Certified partners

These partners have proved expertise in root cause treatment with Biological Medicine. They have completed the training series Dr. Rau's Biological Medicine of BioMedicine International AG abgeschlossen. 


The acquired knowledge in Biological Medicine distinguishes our partners. Close cooperation and frequent exchange between our partners and Dr. Rau ensures that the treatments are continuously developed and optimized. 


Thomas Rau M.D.

Pioneer of Biological Medicine


His wealth of knowledge and experience over 30 years are the foundation of his holistic approach to healing: Swiss Biological Medicine - Dr. Rau's Biological Medicine. It is based on the principle of detoxification, sustained strengthening of the gut and immune system, and rebuilding the cells, which also includes a supporting diet. 


Alexandra Kotthaus

During her work in various disciplines of conventional medicine, Kotthaus developed her aspiration to help the body by promoting its self-healing potential. Her concept moves away from the level of symptoms and instead treats the root causes. Neurotransmitters are normalized and pollutants are removed from the nervous system. Therefore, Alexandra Kotthaus helps her patients to access their tools for self-healing and to use them sustainably.