Training for health professionals


Knowledge and experience of more than 35 years of active patient treatment.

The course content has been prepared with Dr. Thomas Rau to provide you with the knowledge and experience of many years simply and understandably. This will give you the tools to apply Swiss Biological Medicine in your environment. Numerous course participants have been able to increase their treatment successes through the treatment concept adapted to the needs of today. Completely to the advantage of their clients. In the context of BioMedicine International, the continuing education program is developed and the knowledge is transmitted in a collegial atmosphere. 



When booking the course series in a bundle, you benefit from a price advantage. Get more information about our continuing training courses, which consist of introductory as well as in-depth content of biological medicine. We will be happy to advise you personally at education@biomed-int.com or by phone at +41 71 333 34 20.

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