PUBLIC TALK - West Palm Beach 2023

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Public Talk- West Palm Beach 2023

Dr. Thomas Rau M.D., one of the pioneers of biological medicine, will provide insights into the Biological Medicine approach, addressing the problem of viral diseases. Learn more about chronic disorders, long-covid, chronic fatigue, Silent inflammation, and other undiagnosable conditions. You will appreciate why this holistic individualized medicine approach achieves different results.

This public event is open to everybody interested in learning about the Biological Medicine approach.


-> With an aperitif, Book signing, and talks after the seminar.  



Dr. Rau is the Medical Director of the BioMed Center Sonnenberg in Schwellbrunn, which attracts clients worldwide. With his partner doctor, Alexandra Kotthaus, and Rolandas Janusas he offers treatment protocols for severe and most difficult disorders.

Biological Medicine is an individualized holistic natural medicine approach to complex situations often regarded by conventional specialists as "undiagnosable". Dr. Rau's specialty is in helping doctors identify and work toward correcting the root causes of complex and difficult health pictures.

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33401 West Palm Beach, FL
650 Okeechobee Boulevard, United States of America

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