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Recording 1st Expert Webinar - english

approx.: 4 hours

50,00 CHF

After your registration, you will get the recording of the first expert webinar about various topics connected with biological medicine. Known medical doctors and experts present to you background information in their fields. A topic is how cancer can be approached by multi-modular cancer therapy, presented by Dr. Rau. Network-partners: papimi, Sanum-Kehlbeck, Sonnenberg Biomedical Health Center, Prof, Dr. Kavouras


Prof. Dr. Jorgos  Kavouras   
Constitution according to Günther Enderlein and Samuel Hahnemann – the inner connections between Biological and Homeopathic Medicine

Prof. Dr. Thomas Rau 
Multi-modular cancer therapy 

Alexandra Kotthaus
Aspects of nutrition in cancer therapy

Prof. Dr. Harald Stossier 
Effective forms of therapy for the autonomic nervous system

Elisabeth Madden
Papimi - ion induction therapy (IIT)

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